Do Stretching Exercises Before a Bowling Game

Though many think of bowling as a non-physical game, it does (to a certain extent) involve physical action and requires a lot of bodily movements. The swinging and bowling ball’s rolling are all bodily movements that require physical effort and putting a considerable amount of stress on muscles and joints. While most people do not do stretching before a bowling game, we will guide you through some stretching tips that will help you become a better bowler.Stretching is highly recommended before any bowling game so you could get your muscles and joints prepared. Here are some bowling tips and techniques for stretching before you even pick up your bowling ball.Bowling stretching exercises tip #1 – the neck
Tilt your head towards your chest until you feel a little pull from the back of your neck. Hold your head in this position for around 5 seconds and then tilt your head to both the left and right sides.Bowling stretching exercises tip #2 – the arms
Grab your right arm and raise it so it would be at a level higher than your head’s. Later, bend it at the elbow while you hold it with your left arm. Do this for both arms for a count of ten seconds each.Bowling stretching exercises tip #3 – the legs
Place your right leg in front of the left leg and later let both your hands rest on the thigh. While doing this, it is essential that you keep your back straight. Do this for both legs and count ten seconds for each and later on switch legs.Bowling stretching exercises tip #4 – the hips
Many people do not know that bowling is actually very stressful (physically speaking) for the bowler’s hips area. To warm-up the hips area, put your arms on both sides of your hips and turn around slowly while making sure your back is straight.Bowling stretching exercises tip #5 – the lower back
The lower back region also needs to be stretched and warmed-up before bowling to help prevent serious injury during the course of the game. Lie on a flat surface mattress and slowly pull back your right knee to your body. Use the right hand for the left knee and your left hand for the right knee. This exercise needs 10 seconds each per leg.Bowling stretching exercises tip #6 – the wrists
Especially if you are a pro-bowler, the wrists are one of the most worked on areas in your body. It is also a region where most of the injuries occur. To stretch your wrists properly before the bowling game, bend your left wrist with the right hand and the left wrist with the right hand. You can do so and hold for around several seconds before you move to the other wrist. You need to feel a stretch in your hands but not over-do the exercise.In general, getting an adequate stretching routine will help ensure that your body will not be strained during the bowling game. Doctors have said that stretching excises can help boost the bowler’s exercising ability and would help in alleviating the strain put on the player. You will reap results in your game and after the game since you would be relaxed and have your muscles and joints ready for the action!